What are wax melts?

Wax melts have become a very popular way to give your home or space a gentle burst of fragrance, whether that be right after a spring clean or to unwind and relax in the warmth and comfort of your home or space in the evening time. But what exactly are wax melts?

Wax melts are a gentle blend of wax and essential oil without the wick. The type of wax varies depending on who is making the wax melt. Wax melts can come in all different shapes and sizes for example, squares, hearts, clamshells, circles. They can even be decorated with glitter, dried botanicals and colouring to really enhance your wax melt experience. Simply pop one or two of your wax melts into the well of your wax burner using a small tea light and allow yourself to unwind, breathing in your favourite aroma.

Each wax melt will give you 3-5 hours of aroma. When you can no longer smell your chosen scent it’s time to clean out your wax burner by lighting a tea light in your burner. Allow the wax to soften and wipe away using a cotton pad. Blow out your tea light and give your burner a rinse using water and soap. Allow it to dry and you’re ready to use another wax melt.

Here at namo candles, we use the finest materials to create luxury Coconut wax melts. Our wax melts consist of 100% coconut and rapeseed wax that has been ethically sourced which is then gently blended together with high quality natural fragrance and essential oils. When curating our recipe we go through continuous testing stages to ensure only the most luxurious coconut wax melts are made available for our customers.