Gaineamh Burner


Welcome Our Gaineamh Burner

Skilfully hand carved from beautiful Indonesian stone

This beautiful burner has natural tones, complimented with a brass dish while the circular cut outs allow the candle light to softly glow through

This unique burner makes for a truly elegant interior styling piece and a beautiful way to enjoy your NAMO luxury wax melts

No burner is complete without luxury soy wax melts, you can browse our soy wax melts here!



 Burner care guide 

  • Place your burner on a safe and heat resistant surface
  • Place your soy wax melts into the brass dish
  • We only recommend using a small 4 hour unscented tea light for our Gaineamh Burner
  • Keep away from drafts and out of reach from children and pets
  • Do not use any water or oil
  • Do not move when lit
  • After extinguishing the flame the soy wax melts will cool and solidify, do not dispose of wax down the drain