Our Coconut and Rapeseed Wax

Welcome our new Coconut and Rapeseed Wax. It is made up entirely of Coconut oil and Rapeseed oil. It is grown in local farms within the EU therefore reducing the carbon footprint on its journey to Westport, Ireland. It is completely free from paraffin, soy, synthetic additives and beeswax. It is a natural and toxic free plant wax.

While soy wax is a plant wax and I thoroughly enjoyed working with it, it is grown on an industrial scale thus making some soy wax genetically modified, which in turn has a negative impact on our environment. Behind beef, soy wax has become the second largest contributor to deforestation; the loss of habitats and increasing the risk of extinction.

Coconut wax is a completely sustainable, renewable and bio degradable resource. It is a non GMO product. Here at Namo Candles, we strive to curate natural, eco-friendly and sustainable sourced candles, everything from the materials we use, to the time spent making the candles right up to the resources and packaging. Spreading light and love through natural candles, a candle that embodies healing to creating a cosy atmosphere in your space is at the heart of Namo Candles.

Coconut wax burns cleaner, gives a better scent throw and is a beautiful creamy wax to work with. Rapeseed oil is grown in Ireland, it is distinctive by the bright yellow fields around the country. The wax is curated from the oil that is distilled from the plant being completely sustainable with zero pressures on intensive farming or GMO.

Making this change from Soy wax to Coconut and Rapeseed wax came very strongly to me. While, I have tested and retested every fragrance and wick with soy wax in our collection to find the best combination for you, it is with a happy heart that I move Namo Candles towards an even more natural and sustainable way.

Moving to this new wax has required more testing but I truly feel I have curated a beautiful combination and an even better scent throw for our customers. Don’t worry, your favourite fragrances will still be available, burn the exact same just a whole lot more natural.

Without our customers, I would not be doing what I absolutely love. We will always aim to go above and beyond for every customer. I hope you understand our change in recipes and that you love our new Namo Candles just as much as we do.

Natasha x